A Man Called God Episode 4 Recap

Han Chae Young, Chu Ja Hyun

Bribing an officer?

Bo Bae goes with Woo Hyun to the crime scene. He stops in the middle of driving there and tells her to get out as he doesn’t want to put her into danger. She says that it’s too late as she is the only witness from Hawaii so Woo Hyun caves and takes her with him. When the cops find out she is a reporter, she is kicked out of the crime scene, but not before stealing a document out of the office. Bo Bae later tails the female cop (finally reappearing again after her first brief appearance in episode 1). Officer Seo Mi Soo confronts Bo Bae for following her. Bo Bae tries to wheedle information out of Mi Soo, who is not willing to comply. So Bo Bae lays down a trump card (or so she thinks). She tells Mi Soo that she is the only witness from Hawaii, plus she has some evidence she took from the crime scene. Mi Soo was shocked by whatever the evidence was, and snatches it from Bo Bae who tries to get it back. Mi Soo yells at Bo Bae who backs down, defeated. Mi Soo warns Bo Bae to stay away from her or else.

Meanwhile Michael and Vivian are playing with Jang Ho and Jang Mi, using them as alibis while they commit their dirty deeds from a distance. Michael almost kills chairman Jang with the CD bomb that was showcased in episode 3, but the chairman escaped unscathed, which is really what Michael wanted as he cannot have Jang dead until he knows who else is behind the murder of his parents.

Woo Hyun successfully gets the safe containing incriminating evidence against his father and his friends away from the police. He then switches that safe with another to take back to CIS headquarters while he takes the original safe to the Jang house where his father, Jang and Lee Hyung Sub (minster of justice) await him.

A Man Called God Murders

All the murderers present and accounted for

Hearing that one of the men who murdered his parents might be at Jang’s house to talk about the safe, Michael takes Jang Mi home. While she is showering, he takes a walk outside and we get a flashback to the incident from 25 years ago. His house is on fire and his mother is trying to get him and his little sister to safety. She smashes the window of the back door with a chair and hands Michael and his sister out to some man, however the ceiling collapses trapping her inside so she doesn’t make it out. End flashback. This proves that Michael’s sister is indeed alive, but where she is, we have no idea yet.

He meets Hyung Sub and Hwan Dol Soo (Woo Hyun’s father) and instantly recognizes them as the other two accomplices who helped murder his father. From that moment on, Michael has his sights set on them and completing his revenge. When Vivian asks him later that night if he’s okay, he says that they are going to break into the safe stored at Jang’s house. In that safe contains documents that might pertain to the murder of his father.

Kim Min Jong

Woo Hyun goes a little crazy

Meanwhile, Woo Hyun learns the truth from his father. When his father and Dol Soo’s high school friends were just starting out in their careers, they heard of a boat coming from China that was loaded with billions of won worth of drugs. They decide to hijack the ship and sell off the drugs in order to finance their careers. Michael’s father, Choi Hae Ryong, was the officer investigating the case. The four friends tried to include Officer Choi in on the deal, but he refused. So they decided to silence him and get rid of his entire family so their would be no witness to their deed.

Woo Hyun is horrified to learn the truth from his father. He is even more conflicted as his father asks for help to conceal the secret. If it is revealed that these four (now three) got their wealth from murder and selling drugs, it would ruin everyone in their respective families. Woo Hyun goes out drinking, his father’s words haunting him. To let off steam, he brutally beats a man who bumped into him at the bar in the men’s bathroom. This is not the first time Woo Hyun has showed off an almost maniacal anger. In the first episode, he brutally beat one of the suspects from a sting operation gone bad.

My thoughts: Why is it that criminals always keep evidence to incriminate themselves? Seriously, you’d think the first thing they’d do (besides eliminating witnesses, which they’ve already done) would be to destroy the evidence of their drug deals and murders, but no. They kept it all in a safe where only Chairman Kang Tae Ho (oil magnate killed in the first episode) knew the combination. It seems silly.

Michael’s rebuke to Vivian seemed hardly threatening at all. And Vivian’s apology was less than sincere. The point of that part was Michael was supposed to be irate that she had tried to harm Bo Bae on her own, but the emotions don’t really play out that well in the scene. I must say that watching Vivian and Michael play with the Jang siblings is boring and seems pretty much pointless at this stage. I am not saying they are innocent of any crime, but Jang Ho and Jang Mi have nothing to do with the incident 25 years ago, so if he harms them, it seems that Michael will be breaking his oath to not harm innocents, but then again, they are the children of one of the men who killed his parents. I guess to get complete revenge, Michael has to destroy the families like his, too, was destroyed.

I was happy to see the flashbacks and finally get more of the history. I am STILL waiting to see what happened to Michael’s little sister. When will they let us know? Also, now I am curious as to who exactly helped get Michael and his sister out of the fire? I also want to know if Woo Hyun will show his psychotic side to Bo Bae. He came close with the argument in the car in this episode, but he didn’t really reveal himself. I really want him to be a good guy, but I have a feeling he’ll have a complete breakdown into a bad guy later.

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