Down With Love Episode 4 Recap

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Episode 4 picks up with Yu Fei and Yu Ting upset by the meeting with their mother. Yang Guo begs them to stop crying and fighting and sends them up to bed as Yu Ping comes home. He tells her to sit down and gives her a bag of popped rice to try to break the news about her girlfriend “cheating” on her. Yang Guo misreads the situation and apologizes for taking the kids to see their mother. Yu Ping explodes and tells her to leave, upset that she betrayed him. She tells him that should anything happen, their mother is the only one who could look after them. Yu Ping says that he pays Guo to watch the kids, so of course she would be the one looking after them. It’s sweet if you think about it – he already sees Guo in that special light, but Guo is right that the kids do need to be with there mother.

Ella Chen, Jerry Yan

Guo goes to Ke Zhong to complain and ask his advice. He tells her about Yu Ping’s parents’ divorce and how he went to live with his mother. His mother remarried a man with children and asked Yu Ping to leave the house, so he has a reason to be upset by the kids’ mom. Guo agrees, but still believes that the kids’ deserve to get to know their mom. She goes back to Yu Ping’s and tells him about her parents. Her mom was smart and successful, but became ill and passed away, leaving the Yang’s father in charge, however, he had no head for business and lost all their money. He then ran away leaving the girls behind. Guo says she doesn’t hate her dad and she hopes to be able to see him again someday. This causes Yu Ping to decide to let the kids see their mom.

Ella Chen, Amanda Zhou

As long as I work for the boss, you’re not allowed to break up with me!

On their shopping trip, Yu Ting quickly bonds with his mom, but Yu Fei is more reluctant. After their mom apologizes and goes to leave, Yu Fei runs after her. She yells “mom” and her mom stops crossing the road to look back and then gets hit by a car. Yu Ping tells her that she isn’t allowed to die because she needs to be there so he can hand the kids back to her as they really need their mother, not just an uncle. Their mom pulls through and the kids go live with her, but not before telling Jie Guo that she needs to marry their uncle so they can always be with their beloved nanny. Yu Ping hears this and actually agrees with the kids, but he can’t forget that Guo is a lesbian therefor that will never happen.

After they see the kids off, Yu Ping takes Guo to see Yan Ling to confront her for cheating on Guo. Yang Guo wants to tell her boss the truth, but he fights for her and tells Yan Ling that she will regret letting go of such a good catch like Guo. Guo apologizes to a bewildered Yan Ling whose boyfriend was punched out by Yu Ping. Yu Ping then tries to comfort Guo (who doesn’t need comfort). He took her to play basketball and to find her lost magic marble. He almost confessed that he did all that because he liked her, but stopped himself and called her his “brother.”

Jerry Yan, Elle Chen

Handing out free pad samples :p

Meanwhile, Guo goes looking for a new job as the kids are gone and Yu Ping refused to say he wanted to keep her as a housekeeper (though he regrets that decision later as he is lonely and misses both her and the kids). Ke Zhong agrees to hire her on as an assistant after her final paycheck comes from Yu Ping at the end of the month.  Missing Guo, Yu Ping asks her to help pick out birthday presents for the kids and then goes to help her hand out free samples as she needs a job right now until she can start working for Ke Zhong. They are both caught by her sister who is upset that Guo is no longer working for her boss. She changes her tune when she learns her sister found a job with Duo’s first love, Ke Zhong.

Afraid that his attraction to Guo means he likes guys (really, what a ridiculous thought), Yu Ping goes out on the prowl. He hits on several women and begins seeing them all at once. The great part is that Guo finds out because here sister has her deliver the flowers and presents so they can keep the money for themselves. When Yu Ping calls on Guo to help fix the vacuum cleaner he took apart, she confronts him about acting like a dog in heat saying she can’t move on as quickly as he can after her heart’s been broken, she then storms out and tells a bewildered Ke Zhong who wonders why Yu Ping would bother touching the vacuum (he never cleans house).

To complicate matters worse, Hui Fan shows up and asks to get back together with Yu Ping. And that ends episode 4.

Jerry Yan

“I can’t like men!”

My thoughts: This drama is progressing at the speed of light! I honestly thought the children story line would continue for longer being this show is supposed to be 25 episodes. It seems too soon for them to be out of the picture. I do hope they will come back later. Both Yu Ping and Guo refuse to acknowledge to each other (and everyone else) that they actually like each other. I find it amusing that no matter how badly Guo wanted to tell Yu Ping that she was really straight, something kept popping up so she was never able to tell him.

I find it absurd that Yu Ping equates liking Guo as liking a man (since she is more guy-like). No matter which way you look at her, she is a girl. I really don’t like Hui Fan and hope she gets out of the picture soon, but previews show that she might be here to stay for awhile. I really want Ke Zhong to get together with Yang Duo, but who knows as he used to like Hui Fan. I am looking forward to the release of episode 5 as there are some interesting previews, i.e. Yu Ping having Guo pose as his girlfriend to get rid of Hui Fan. I am so watching this.


  • The kids telling Guo to marry their uncle since they like her better than Hui Fan, plus the won’t have to worry about him not taking care of himself.
  • Yu Ping helping Guo pass out feminine hygiene products and asking women about their monthly cycles as part of the process
  • Duo’s foray into a music store (hilarious watching her decide if she should spend money on something that frivolous)

Oh No! moments:

  • The kids’ mom’s car accident (you have expected her to die, thankfully she didn’t)
  • Yu Ping’s hound-dog behavior to try to forget Guo. It’s one thing to try to find someone else to like, it’s another to chase any pretty girl in a skirt and date several at the same time

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