Personal Preference Episode 2 Recap

Personal Preference Wedding Fiasco

Sorry? You say that … When you step on someone’s foot on the bus.
~Kae In when In Hee offers a half-hearted apology

In Hee isn’t happy that Kae In crashed the wedding, and even more unhappy that Chang Ryul didn’t keep his word and is still apologizing to Kae In. Kae In isn’t happy that two people she really trusted were dating behind her back for at least a month. Lee Young Sun, fed up with In Hee, slaps the bride for Kae In. Then Young Sun, Kae In, and Young Sun’s son are kicked out of the wedding. They are taken to the broadcast room where they wreak havoc on the entire building and another couple getting married [cameos of two famous Korean actors].

Young Sun’s son was playing with the broadcast board and unknowingly broadcast Young Sun badmouthing In Hee and Kae In talking about the deep betrayal of having them see each other behind their back. This broke the camel’s back and In Hee left in anger without marrying Chang Ryul, Chang Ryul’s father slapped him and disowned him, while Jin Ho used the opportunity to seek out a business deal.

Son Ye Jin

A desperate Kae In

To top off Won Ho’s (the friend that tried to force himself on Kae In) crime from the first episode, it turns out that he “borrowed” 10,000,000 won from Kae In (using the money she got from taking a loan out on her father’s house). She breaks down, worried about how she’ll face her father if she loses the house. Apparently she and her father do not have the best of relationships. She took out a loan on the house to start up her business and prove herself to her dad. Well…that’s not going well is it?

While Kae In is suffering, Jin Ho finds out from Tae Hoon that the art gallery project they are trying to land was interested in having well-known architect Park build their gallery, but he refused. Apparently the person was impressed with the house that Park had built around the time of his wife’s death. Jin Ho sends his best friend and partner to woo Park’s daughter into letting them see the house. And wouldn’t you know, it turns out that Kae In is Architect Park’s daughter.

Kae In asks her friend Young Sun for help, but Young Sun doesn’t have that kind of money. She even phones a “guru” who says that help will come from a person from the East who is neither a man nor a woman. Kae In is willing to believe anything at this point and she looks for the person from the East who will be able to solve all of her problems. At this time she gets a phone call from the man who placed the furniture order. Apparently the bosses of the department store did not like the furniture and he returned it to Kae In, not helping her already bad situation.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

Jin Ho caught snooping

On the way home with the returned furniture, Young Sun convinces Kae In to sublet In Hee’s old room in order to earn the money she needs to repay the debt. Kae In is against the idea because outsiders are not allowed into her father’s house, but she eventually caves. When they arrive at Kae In’s house, Won Ho and Jin Ho are both there. Kae In jumps out of the truck and chases down Won Ho and Jin Ho chases after Kae In. When she falls, he runs Won Ho down for her. Kae In learns that Won Ho lost all of the money and has nothing to give her. Feeling slightly sorry for him, she buys him lunch and he skips out on her. Jin Ho thinks that she is a complete idiot for trusting Won Ho not to run away again.

Jin Ho then asks Kae In to let him see the house since he caught Won Ho. She says no, outsiders are not allowed, but he says he overheard her talking about subletting it and he is interested in getting a room (to kill 2 birds with 1 stone: first, gain access to the house that the project people were inspired by, second, escape from Hye Mi). Kae In refuses again, but Young Sun intervenes and convinces her to take Jin Ho in. Kae In reluctantly agrees because she believes he is gay after all (Jin Ho doesn’t know this at first).

Kae In fights In Hee

Catfight between Kae In & In Hee

Jin Ho’s partner congratulates him on managing to get into the house and Jin Ho asks him to keep it a secret from Hye Mi and Tae Hoon (who would run and tell Hye Mi). He agrees and goes to help move Jin Ho in. He is worried that Kae In only agreed to let Jin Ho live there because she is interested in his body. He advises Jin Ho to let Kae In have her way with him for the good of the company (advice Jin Ho ignores, can’t blame him as that is highly immoral). They all sit down and go through the contract and Jin Ho and Kae In stamp their agreements. Kae In says there are really no rules except for no pictures or videos of the house, but Jin Ho breaks in and begins talking about cleaning, laundry, and food, making Kae In mad. She retracts the “no real rules” and says that other than his room and the common areas he is not allowed to step foot elsewhere. If he does, she will cut off the part of his body that trespasses. Teehee.

Young Sun and Jin Ho’s friend manage to keep them both calm (sort of).  Kae In wants to tell Jin Ho that he is not allowed to bring strange males into the house, but Young Sun stops her. After both friends leave, Kae In catches Jin Ho in an off limits room. Deciding to scare him, she threatens him with a chainsaw. He screams like a girl and quickly runs away. Kae In worries that she may have frightened him too much.

Kae In: “I bet you can’t take him.”

In Hee: “Why not? No matter what kind of guy he is, within ten minutes they say okay.”

Kae In: “Even if you die and come back you’ll never fit his taste”

Meanwhile, In Hee went to the honeymoon house to stay for awhile only to find Chang Ryul there. They fought and he refused to leave the house as his father paid for it and right now his father was made at him and wouldn’t see him so In Hee leaves and lands on Kae In’s doorstep. Talk about thick-skinned. She said that she was coming back to her room and that Kae In shouldn’t have a problem with this since she ruined the wedding and In Hee left Chang Ryul. Kae In starts pulling In Hee’s hair. Jin Ho hears the ruckus and goes out to stop them. In Hee is angry that Kae In is letting a man stay in the house and Kae In says that he is man that In Hee can never get. In Hee states that she can have whatever man she wants in only a matter of minutes. Kae In says not this time because this one’s gay. Jin Ho overhears this and is totally flabbergasted.

So ends episode 2.

My thoughts: I love Lee Min Ho’s portrayal of the cold, aloof Jin Ho. We get a little glimpse into his past with a flashback of his mom and him moving out of their house and Chang Ryul and his dad moving in. It hints as to why Jin Ho dislikes Chang Ryul and his dad so much. Kae In is starting to grow on me, although she is still too dense for her own good. But you really begin to sympathize with her when you learn about her relationship (or lack thereof) with her father. Already can’t wait for episode three where it looks like things will get even crazier.


  • The wedding broadcast – you feel bad for the other couple getting married, but it was funny as hell
  • Kae In threatening Jin Ho with a chainsaw – Jin Ho’s reaction was priceless

Oh No! moment:

  • In Hee coming back to Kae In’s expecting to live and then saying she doesn’t even know the difference between pity and real love

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