A Man Called God Episode 3 Recap

Episode two was less than stellar for me and episode three isn’t all that much better. Cheesy acting and a bit of a cheesy plot aren’t helping things along all that well. Episode three sees jealousy mount, more senseless beatings of lackeys, some not-so-new espionage weapons, and a big bang ending.

Jin Bo Bae is trying to use Michael to get to Vivian Castle for an interview regarding the CEO’s death in Hawaii not knowing that Michael is actually the mastermind behind it all (not to mention the guy who saved her life). Woo Hyun is jealous thinking that Bo Bae is going after Michael. Vivian is jealous thinking that Michael might actually be nursing a crush for Bo Bae. Jang Mi and Jang Ho are blinded by Michael and Vivian so as not to see the contempt behind the smokescreen of attraction.

Han Chae Young, Song Il GookBo Bae lets Michael take her home in order to question him about Vivian and potential arms dealing. Michael doesn’t give away any information, of course. She tells Michael to set up an appointment for her to talk to Vivian and to return the dress and jewels. Michael says she doesn’t have to return them, but she insists (obviously just to get in to see Vivian). He doesn’t actually agree to this plan, but we all know Bo Bae will go full steam ahead with her agenda of truth. As Michael is about to leave, he sees men grab Bo Bae. He goes to rescue her and she screams at him to call the police. He looks as if that is a novel idea and picks up her shoe that fell off and fights the three guys with it.

After saving her, he walks her all the way home where an anxious Woo Hyun waits, watching for Bo Bae’s return. He looks extremely displeased to see her getting along so well with Michael. Jealous much? But he doesn’t confront Michael, nor does he go in to see Bo Bae after Michael leaves. The next day Bo Bae goes to return the dress, but Vivian still refuses to see her. Woo Hyun is there as well trying to gather information about the incident in Hawaii. While waiting for Vivian, Bo Bae overhears Vivian’s appointment at the stables for the next afternoon. She then cajoles Woo Hyun to take her riding. Woo Hyun agrees, surprised and please that Bo Bae is finally taking up his offer to teach her riding (he is a medalist in horseback riding).

Han Chae Young, Kim Min JongSo all paths converge at the stables. The Jangs, Vivian, Michael, Woo Hyun, and Bo Bae run into each other. Woo Hyun is not happy that Bo Bae used him to get to Vivian (and thus, Michael), ruining the rather sweet moment they had earlier when he introduced Bo Bae to his horse Unicorn. Michael and Woo Hyun decide to race each other, but before they can, an accident occurs. Well, not really an accident. Vivian asks Bo Bae what she wants and Bo Bae asks about Castle Group being involved in illegal arms deals. Vivian is displeased and slaps Bo Bae’s horse with a whip causing the horse to rear and go galloping. Michael and Woo Hyun race to get to Bo Bae before she can get hurt (Michael gets there first much to Woo Hyun’s dislike). Woo Hyun and Michael then race each other, Michael winning by a hair.

After the race, Woo Hyun kills Unicorn. He said the leg was broken and a race horse that can’t race is no good. Michael offers to replace Unicorn, but Woo Hyun says he’ll earn his own horse. Woo Hyun then leaves with Bo Bae to go to the site of an explosion at the offices of the man who was killed in Hawaii. The whole horseback riding with the Jang children was a ruse so that neither Michael nor Vivian could be implicated in the explosion.

phone bomb explosionMichael’s actions and playfulness with Bo Bae are getting a little old as you can’t tell how he feels about her. He keeps stating he doesn’t want innocents to die, which is a good thing, but his playing with Bo Bae is definitely going to put her in the line of fire. Vivian’s jealousy is getting old. You can bet that she will find more ways to try to dispose of Bo Bae without Michael knowing. Woo Hyun and Bo Bae dancing around their feelings, while cute, will get annoying because you know Michael is probably going to end up coming between them before anything can actually develop.

While still watchable, this drama seems at times too formulaic, vague, and over the top. It has great potential to do some good work, but so far it is lacking and a bit trite.


  • The shoe fight. Really, seeing three grown men get their butts handed to them by a guy fighting with a shoe
  • Woo Hyun’s and Bo Bae’s flirtation when meeting Unicorn. Bo Bae is obviously trying to hint to her sunbae that she likes him and he is doing the same (in reference to the horse of all things)

Oh No! moments:

  • Woo Hyun putting down Unicorn. It was sad to see, especially since we are given no hints to Unicorn’s serious injury at first. It makes it look like Woo Hyun is killing Unicorn just because he lost to Michael.
  • Vivian’s sneak attack on Bo Bae (like no one saw her vindictiveness coming). The look of disappointment on her face when Michael saved Bo Bae was prices, though.


  • Lotion that eats through anything instantly (really has been overdone already, though)
  • A CD bomb (new to me)
  • A phone bomb, while not new, the design was interesting and they actually showed how the inner workings of the bomb made it go boom.

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