Infinite Challenge Episodes 160-161 Recap

Infinite Challenge Cast

I am a huge fan of Yoo Jae Suk from his X-Man days and I do like him on Come to Play as well. When I was surfing YouTube, I came across a show that he hosted called Infinite Challenge. I wasn’t quite sure what to think about it, but I figured I would give it a gander as it was a duet challenge for their 2nd song festival. Boy, am I glad that I did. It was hilarious!

The rules of the challenge:

  1. Your partner must be someone you know
  2. The song must be about summer
  3. It must be a duet

I was astounded by the amount of talent and hard work that went into this festival. The competitors, Jun Jin (Shinwa), Park Myung Soo, Noh Hong Chul, Jung Jun Ha, Jung Hyun Don, Yoo Jae Suk, and Gil, went to well-known artists and composers for the challenge. I am not saying it’s something to necessarily take lightly, but it did amaze me at the talent and effort going into a variety show concert. They had an actual stage, choreography, costumes, and some nifty effects.

MC Yoo partnered up with Korean hip-hop artist Tiger JK who believed that Yoo needed to have hands-on participation in the creation process. He and his partner then edited and smoothed things over to create the song. Tiger JK’s wife, singer Yoon Mi Rae, also helped out and they formed the band Future Liger. The song was composed by Tiger JK, MC Yoo, and Mi Rae.

Jun Jin partnered with singer Lee Jung Hyun and formed the duo Charisma. Lee Jung Hyun was a hard girl to please. She new what she wanted an oily Latin beat with some Spanish and the composer Ahn Young Min was hard pressed to deliver.

Park Myung Soo went to SNSD ice princess Jessica. Oddly enough, the popular artist agreed to be his partner and took him to up-and-coming composers E-Tribe (famous for SNSD’s song “Gee” and Lee Hyori’s “U Go Girl”). They formed the duo Myung-ca Drive.

Jung Jun Ha partnered with composer Yoon Jong Shin to write a summer food-themed song. Yoon suggest that Jung get some hot girl group to work with. Jung agreed and said he’d get After School to preform with him. Yoon didn’t believe him, but wouldn’t you know, Jung called up After School and they agreed right away. They formed the group After Shave. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but a duet consists of 2 people. but MC Yoo, Jung Hyung Don, and JungĀ  Jun Ha actually had more than that.

Jung Hyung Don, who is known for how little airtime he manages to get, cajoled Epik High into working with him. They formed the unit Three People Pig Face (or 3 People and Pig Face) Epik High composed the song and did their best to make it as simple as they could for Hyung Don. (Watching them work with Hyung Don was hilarious! Their insults were great, especially when recording the song. DJ Tukutz would complain to the camera [well pressing a button so Hyun Don couldn’t hear] about the progress and Tablo was so irritated trying to help Hyung Don learn the song he had Mithra go in and coach Hyung Don instead.

Noh Hung Chul partnered with No Brain. They co-wrote the song themselves. They formed the unit Dol Brain (or Stone Brain). The lead singer of No Brain sang the duet while the rest played instruments. Their performance was a definite must see. I actually thought their band would have placed a little higher in the rankings.

Hip hop artist Gil had a rough time of it. He chose rock group Yoon Do Hyun band. They worked well together, it’s just that rock is a hard genre for a person used to hip hop and rap. Yoon Do Hyun and Gil sang the man vocals while the rest of the band played instruments. They formed the unit Uncomfortable People.

The performances were all pretty much great and the songs were pretty good given how little time they all had to get them composed and get the choreography and costumes and everything else all put together.

Definitely two episodes of Infinite Challenge not to miss. They apparently do an annual song festival. It’s really cool. While I did like Jae Suk’s group’s performance, I was a tad disappointed that my favorite group didn’t win.

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