Oh! My Lady Episode 2 Recap

Chae Rim, Choi Siwon

Secrets revealed! Challenges accepted! A love child for Min Woo? Tangled relationships and new problems abound in episode 2 of Oh! My Lady.

Episode 2 picks up right where episode 1 left off, with Shi Joon saying he’ll hire Gae Hwa if she manages to bring Min Woo into the production. Gae Hwa’s decision? She’ll do it! Why? She really needs a full-time job. She hates being apart from her adorable little girl. So, if she must use talentless, bad-tempered Min Woo as a means to an end, then she’ll do it.

After accepting the challenge, Gae Hwa sets out and does extensive research into Sung Min Woo. She really excels at research. In the episode one, she did research on The Show Company and even prepared a speech (which she fumbled). She takes note after note and drafts a proposal to attract Min Woo’s interest (mainly by stating he cannot survive on looks alone so it’s time he becomes a “real” actor).

While Gae Hwa is doing her research, Shi Joon goes out to woo Min Woo. Wouldn’t you know, Shi Joon has a connection to Min Woo. It turns out that he was a literature instructor when Min Woo was a student. It also happens that he told Min Woo that there was no way he could become an actor in ten years. Of course Min Woo pretends to let bygones be bygones, but he still remembers those words and that doesn’t make him want to accept the job at all. Instead of reading the proposal, he throws it out.

Kim Kwang Gyu

Gae Hwa finishes the proposal and heads off to Min Woo’s apartment where Han Min Kwan (Kim Kwang Gyu) a reporter is trying to get into Min Woo’s apartment as well. He is much like the reporter in You’re Beautiful, who tirelessly pursues Mi Nam hoping for a big break/scandal. Gae Hwa does get to go up to the apartment where a smiling Min Woo awaits her with the burned shirt. She promises to reimburse and launches into her proposal, just to be kicked to the curb. Gae Hwa does not give up easily and keeps going back. When she finally manages to hand the proposal to Min Woo, he throws her hard work out the window.

Min Woo overhears his manager talking about him and how Min Woo’s past is what keeps Min Woo as putty in his hands. This hurts Min Woo deeply as he thought that his manager believed in him about the incident (what it is we don’t know yet). You have to feel bad for poor Min Woo, but his actions later make it hard to feel sorry for him.

Gae Hwa, not giving up, goes back to Min Woo’s to find a little girl being dropped off. The doorman charges Gae Hwa with taking the little girl up to Min Woo. Gae Hwa is less than thrilled but she takes the little girl with her. She refuses to speak and thus has a little “accident” in the elevator. Gae Hwa’s heart melts. When it turns out Min Woo isn’t home, she lets herself in and takes care of the little girl. She finds a letter and is shocked by what she reads.

Kim Yu Bin

Min Woo returns and finds Gae Hwa in the bathroom with the child. He yells at her about bringing her daughter there after she’s been fired. Gae Hwa says the little girl isn’t her daughter, she’s his. Min Woo then states they had never slept together nor met before so Gae Hwa’s daughter can’t possibly be his. Gae Hwa yells that the child is his NOT hers and shows him the letter. Min Woo denies it kicks Gae Hwa in the girl out, letting them back in when the little girl’s crying disturbs the neighbors.

Leaving Gae Hwa and the little girl, Min Woo seeks out his friend to get information. Meanwhile, Gae Hwa comes up with a plan to use the little girl to get Min Woo to join the production.

My thoughts: This was a funny episode that focused heavily on getting Min Woo to join The Show Company. I must say that I was completely surprised when a child shows up on his doorstep in only the second episode. It’s definitely a divergence from the more typical story lines. I must say that I do not like Gae Hwa’s nor Min Woo’s actions in this episode, but I can’t deny that what they do is understandable. Gae Hwa is doing what she’s doing out of desperation, Min Woo out of complete shock.

With this bombshell coming in only the second episode, I can’t wait to see what will happen next and how Min Woo will mature. I also have a vague feeling that a love triangle might be brewing in the near future between Gae Hwa, Min Woo, and Shi Joon (especially after he finds out his wife is cheating on him which is in the previews for episode 3).

I can’t wait til Withs2 subs the next batch airing tonight.


  • The little boy at Min Woo’s apartment building giving the reporter money because he thinks he’s homeless
  • Min Woo running around like a madmen, holding his “daughter”, trying to escape notice from 2 high school girls

Oh No! moments:

  • Min Woo’s manager treating him like something less than human, a product or merchandise
  • Min Woo’s treatment of the little girl
  • Gae Hwa deciding to blackmail Min Woo

Questions I want answered:

  • Is the little girl really Min Woo’s?
  • Will Gae Hwa manage to get into company?
  • Will a triangle relationship develop?

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