Down With Love Episodes 2-3 Recap

It is interesting to me that this drama seems to be moving at a pretty fast pace given that it is supposed to be 25 16 episodes. I am only 3 episodes in and am amazed already at what’s been happening.

Episode 2 shows the ongoing struggle between Yang Guo and the brats from hell Yu Fei and Yu Ting (who are adorable and really great actors already considering how young they are). In order to hide her straightness, Guo gets acting tips from her good friend’s acting teacher who congratulated Guo on how close she was already to fulfilling the role of the more masculine lesbian (much to Yang Guo’s horror).

To help her little sister keep the job as a nanny, Yang Duo and Yang Guo take the kids out to dinner where Duo threatens the brats with a new nanny that is a Tae Kwan Do instructor who is known for hurting several of his students. Thus Yu Fei and Yu Ting form a reluctant alliance with Yang Guo and her older sister. Of course, they don’t keep the promise for very long.

We get to meet Yu Ping’s girlfriend, the famous actress Ding Hui Fan. Yu Ping wishes to propose to her on her visit; however, things don’t go as he had planned. Yu Fei puts cold medicine in Guo’s water, knocking her unconscious. She then (somehow, who knows how a 10 year old manages to drag an adult upstairs into bed) gets her into her uncle’s bed where he has been resting since he came home ill. Yu Fei figured since her uncle hates all the nannies falling in love with him, then this would be a surefire way to make sure the Guo would be fired.

To make matters worse, Hui Fan shows up to apologize to Yu Ping for their ruined afternoon and she finds Guo in bed with him. She doesn’t listen to reason and automatically jumps to the conclusion that Yu Ping was sleeping with that ugly nanny behind her back. Yu Ping gets mad and breaks up with Hui Fan. He then goes downstairs and blames the kids for what happened (which is true, they were at fault). He then makes his relationship with the kids even worse by stating how he would have never taken them in if he knew they were going to be that much trouble. Guo doesn’t like that he said this and tries to smooth things over with the kids, but they run away.

Guo scolds Yu Ping and runs after the kids. When she finds them, she tells them how she lost her own parents when she was very young. Yu Ting wants to trust and believe in Guo, but his older sister wants nothing to do with adults who she believes lie and don’t keep their promises. Thus ends episode 2.

Episode 3 shows Yang Guo trying to figure out how to help her boss and the children. Yang Duo doesn’t like this line of thinking because it’s not up to them to interfere. When Guo responds that she feels sorry for her boss, Duo immediately becomes worried that she is falling for him (which we all know she is).

Ke Zhong goes to see Yu Ping about Hui Fan. Yu Ping tells him what happened and Ke Zhong promises to talk to Hui Fan so she can understand. Why she’ll listen to Ke Zhong and not her own boyfriend is beyond me. But anyhow, the matter gets cleared up and Yu Ping takes Hui Fan out to lunch where he finally gets his chance to propose. Of course, right after getting back together, this couple breaks up again. This time, Hui Fan said that she can’t handle Yu Ping’s love. What a blow to Yu Ping.

Hui Fan later regrets what she said; however, her manager convinces her to wait 3 months until filming is finished on her next movie before going and talking to Yu Ping. And we all know that in that time, Yu Ping will fall completely for Yang Guo. That’s just how these things work. While she is making these selfish decisions, Yu Ping throws himself into work, making Duo tired and stressed out. While all this is happening, Guo is bonding with the little boy, much to the dismay of his sister. Guo manages to show him a magic spell that makes all the nightmares he has of monsters go away.

Guo finds out that the school is having a recital and she berates Yu Ping for not knowing and for being a bad parent. He promises his niece and nephew that he will go. They called just before the program started and Yu Ping states that he is on his way, but just as he is about to leave, masked men came in and began smashing things and tearing the office apart. After this, he saw news which said that Hui Fan was dating her director Chen Li. Upset, he doesn’t go to the school, disappointing the children and Guo who immediately yells at him when he gets home. When he collapses, she rushes him to the hospital where she takes care of him all night while her sister watches the kids. It’s with this that his character begins developing feelings for Guo. He actually thinks its a shame that she is a lesbian.

The next day, the kids and Guo are kidnapped by the men who destroyed the office. Yu Ping rushes off to save them. Guo and Yu Ping manage to create a distraction that let the kids escape, however, they didn’t make it out and were tied back up. Yu Ping got a bomb put in his mouth and was told that if he opened his mouth it would explode (after 2 minutes it would explode anyway). Yang Guo tells him that she’ll take the bomb and spit it out the window. She only has her sister who will miss her while he has two children depending on him. Nothing shows how much you care like mouth-to-mouth bomb swapping.

Needless to say Guo saves the day. The children are safe and their relationship with their uncle is back on track. Just as things are starting to go well, a new character enters the story to bring trouble – the kids’ biological mother. Apparently she didn’t die right after the Yu Ting was born, but instead ran away from her family and responsibility. She goes to see Yu Ping who doesn’t want the woman who abandoned them to see the children.

Guo is conflicted after she hears that Yu Ting would love to know his mom who he didn’t get to meet before she “died.” She goes to her sister for advice, but her sister is no help (as her sister has realized the Ke Zhong is the little boy who saved her when she was lost in a forest, basically he is her first love, so she wonders if she should tell him). So Guo goes to Ke Zhong for advice. Duo is unhappy when she finds the two together, thinking that Guo might like him, too (and I think Guo has a bit of a crush, but she mainly likes Yu Ping anyways). Ke Zhong tells Guo that the children have the right to know and they need to take things step-by-step to get everything worked out.

So Guo takes the kids to meet a “friend” of their deceased mother, which makes Yu Fei suspicious and the two kids run out on Guo and their mom. If that doesn’t complicate matters, Yu Ping sees Guo’s “girlfriend” out and about with another guy. This makes him worry that he and the kids are causing problems with Guo’s relationship.


  • Yu Ping telling Guo she needs to have more confidence in herself as any girl would be lucky to have her be a girlfriend
  • Guo telling Yu Ping’s gay client that his family would be more unhappy knowing just how unhappy he was living a lie and that he should at least let them know and try before giving up and being miserable (a great speech especially considering how uncomfortable Guo is pretending to be a lesbian and helping Yu Ping out)
  • Guo’s family outing with Yu Ping and the kids (they went to the amusement park and looked like a real family (it was cute!)

My thoughts: I am enjoying this series so far, but it seems like so much is thrown at you in each episode. I don’t think it would hurt if they slowed down the plot a little. It seems a little early for both Yu Ping and Yang Guo to realize that they are beginning to like each other. And it seems like the bond between Yu Ping and the children was closed really early (not that I’m complaining), it just doesn’t seem all that believable. How does he go from being stone cold and ignoring them to all of a sudden becoming a really great uncle and showing how much he loves them?

Anyways, I am looking forward to more episodes. I wonder what’s in store next as the plot is already progressing this fast and there is 22 13 episodes left. I pray that this will not turn into the whole, long dance around liking each other and the whole fight-break-up-get-back-together-a-million times plot that is quite common.

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