Down With Love Episode 1 Review

Jerry Yan, Ella Chen就想賴著妳 / Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni

  • English title: Down With Love / Just Want to be with You / Stick With You
  • Broadcast network: CTV / GTV
  • Broadcast dates: 31 January – 23 May 2010
  • Episodes: 16
  • Cast: Jerry Yan, Ella Chen, Kelly Huang, Michael Zhang, Chen Zi Han
  • Opening theme: “就想賴著你” (Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni) by Jerry Yan
  • Ending theme: “只為愛上你” (Zhi Wei Ai Shang Ni) by S.H.E.
  • Synopsis: Yang Guo and her sister Yang Duo do whatever they can to earn money to pay back their father’s debt. Thus when Duo’s boss is in dire need of a nanny who won’t fall in love with him, Duo immediately offers the services of her “lesbian” sister. Toss in Xiang Yu Ping’s first love and total diva actress along with his best friend and you have the making of a complicated plot.


Ella stars as Yang Guo, the youngest of the Yang family. They used to be wealthy, but due to the failure of her father’s company both her and her sister, Yang Duo now lead a poor existence. Since their fall, Yang Duo has become money conscious and mistreats Yang Guo if she can’t earn money and prizes, yet you know she really loves her little sister.

Jerry Yan stars as Xiang Yu Ping, an expert lawyer. He handles divorces, inheritance issues, and other cases. He seems to be a cold individual and he is very crafty. He does the best that he can to make sure his cases never go to trial, preferring to use underhand methods to settle them out of court. His older brother died leaving him in charge of his niece and nephew. They are cute kids, but are on the nanny blacklist for all of their shenanigans. Yu Ping orders Yang Duo (his secretary and the only woman working in his office) to find a nanny or else.

This is a long drama, and I am not referring to the 25 episodes. It clocks in at an hour and a half with no commercials. It is a comedy and a romance drama, so at least it’s not too heavy for the time frame. The length also won’t bother you if you like Jerry and Ella.

It is only the first episode and there are so many run-ins and misunderstandings already. Yu Ping doesn’t like Yang Guo because when she was his waitress she was so spaced out (her boyfriend had just broken up wither her) she mistook his order (causing her to get fired). He was really unhappy when he almost hit her with his car when she ran into the road to get her lucky marble that was one of the last presents she received from her father. However, in his desperation for a nanny (since he really doesn’t like kids), he overlooks his dislike for one reason only. Why? He thinks she’s a lesbian. Why might that be? Take a look for yourself.

Ella ChenAt the restaurant, Yang Guo’s friend was getting hit on repeatedly by this guy. When Yang Guo goes over to help, her friend states she’s a lesbian and grabs Yang Guo and kisses her passionately. Another reason Yu Ping thinks she’s a lesbian is the fact that her sister Yang Duo asserts that she is.

And why would Yu Ping overlook his problems with Yang Guo if she’s a lesbian? Mainly because every nanny he’s had (that wasn’t traumatized by the attention-hungry children) has fallen in love with him (or rather probably just lust). Sing Yang Guo is a lesbian, he doesn’t have to worry about that. Right . . .

So far this drama is okay. I find it amusing enough – there are many comedic moments. The things I dislike the most are 1) Yu Ping’s ignoring his nephew and niece, not wanting to deal with them. That always makes me equal parts sad and angry, 2) Michael Zhang’s acting is not the best, he has done better i.e. A Game About Love. But hopefully both things will improve during the rest of the 24 episodes.


  • The kiss, it was seriously funny. Poor, unsuspecting Ella
  • The kids – what will they pull next? I loved when they used their breakfast to make a drawing of their uncle’s face, priceless

Oh No! moments:

  • Jerry tells his niece and nephew that he doesn’t hate them, he just doesn’t like kids in general – How mean and tactless
  • When Ella’s boyfriend breaks it off because she is unfeminine and throws her present out on the street (a hand-knit sweater that he had seen in a catalog but she couldn’t afford it so she made it)

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