Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Episode 9 Recap

Miyao ShuntaroMiyao ShuntaroWell that’s nice.

Really, it is, and it isn’t all at the same time. Ranmaru’s fiance comes back to say she is willing to forgive him and put up with his “other” women, Takeru and his mom return, more drama with Kyohei and his parents, and (of course) more drama with Sunako and Kyohei.

This episode kicks off with Ranmaru trying to get rid of his fiance, again. This time he says the landlady is his wife and Takeru is his son, earning him a punch from the landlady, which knocks him out. When he comes to, Ranmaru appears to be possessed by the spirit of Takeru’s father. Thus starting an interesting storyline. Takeru gets to spend some quality time with his “papa” and mama.

Kyohei tells Sunako not to tell the others what happened with his mom, but Takenaga and Yukinojo corner her, and Kyohei comes to her rescue and tells them what happened. They immediately tell Kyohei to go visit his mom. Kyohei says its better if he doesn’t. Then Ranmaru enters the picture saying that he had been lying. He was not possessed, it was just another attempt to get his fiance off of his case (partly because he doesn’t want to hurt her and partly because he still doesn’t believe in a lasting love). This infuriates Kyohei because he knows how much Takeru wanted to see his deceased father and also because he can’t stand seeing the happy family scenes after what happened with his mom.

Sunako tries to take matters in her own hand by visiting Kyohei’s mom. Kyohei finds out and rushes off to stop her along with Yukinoko and Takenaga. They learn the truth behind Kyohei’s mom’s problem with his face. Apparently relatives told Kyohei’s mom that she must have been unfaithful to her husband because Kyohei looks nothing like his dad. This, along with all the other problems, helped lead to her breakdown. Even knowing this, Kyohei stays determined to never see her again (supported by his father who is afraid of what will happen).

Sunako and the others try to talk him into it and Kyohei snaps, saying how not even Sunako can stand to look at his face (him being too bright). Sunako collapses and calls herself “ugly Sunako” to get herself angry enough to fight Kyohei and make him see. He easily fends her off. She collapses again. This time, Kyohei says he was never interested in her other than for free rent and she should stop being a “horror girl” and become a lady. Sunako cries and runs out of the room. Yukinojo finally understands that Sunako actually might have romantic feelings for Kyohei (really, it took him 9 episodes to figure that one out?).

Kamenashi Kazuya Oomasa AyaKyohei gets advice from the landlady and cafe owner and goes back to the “Hill of Courage.” There, Sunako is waiting for him. She refuses to let him see her because she is not a lady yet (he did say to disappear until she becomes one), but she gives him her cloak. This way, he can be with his mom without her having to look at his face. Kyohei follows Sunako’s advice and begins working things out with his mom. (Yay!)

Meanwhile, Ranmaru really does get possessed by the spirit of Takeru’s father. While being possessed, Ranmaru experiences the feelings Takeru’s father had for the landlady and realizes true love actually does exist. Thus he matures enough to confess to his fiance (about dating, not about marriage. Finally! It looks like this time it’s for real) and Takenaga finally confesses to Noi as well. (About time)!

After things go well with his mom, Kyohei rushes home to apologize to Sunako. He bursts into her room, bows, yells his apology and looks up – her room is bare. Her aunt tells Kyohei that Sunako has gone back to Hokkaido. Kyohei rushes out of the house to get her back.

And there ends episode 9. The final episode airs this week. I can’t wait to see the conclusion.


  • Kyohei and his mom rebuilding their relationship, step-by-step.
  • Ranmaru finally confessing his feelings to the girl he likes

Oh no! moments:

  • Ranmaru faking being possessed by the spirit of Takeru’s father (even though he is possessed at the end, the lie at first is horrible, especially considering Takeru’s feelings and innocence)
  • Kyohei telling Sunako that it’s better if she becomes a lady instead of staying as the horrible “horror” girl. Really, that was too much, especially after he told her that she is fine just the way she is. Nothing like undoing all the good he had done in his own moment of pain. But that is Kyohei for you.


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