Byul – “I think I”

Full House was the first Korean drama that I have ever finished (or should I say the first Korean drama for me at all) and was also the drama that turned me on to Korean music. Although the drama (which I love wholeheartedly) lagged in parts, I really enjoyed the music throughout, especially this song by Korean artist Byul. It really fits the premise of the drama well, expressing the emotions of the lead characters who were brought together by accident, married for publicity’s sake, and who had to live together whether they liked it or not.

This song was often played (especially at moments when Rain’s character disappointed Song’s) at key moments when the characters began to realize that their “fake” marriage and feelings just might be real. Just another great example of how music can really add to the moment. And, for the most part, Korean music sans vocals or with, usually fits well, although there is always exceptions.

Rain, Song Hye Gyo풀하우스 OST (KBS TV 드라마)
Released September 20, 2010
01. Full House (Instrumental)
02. 운명
03. Forever (Instrumental)
04. 처음 그 자리에
05. 시 (Instrumental)
06. Title 허밍
07. 운명 (Full Slow Instrumental)
08. Blue Hills (Instrumental)
09. 운명 (Slow Version)
10. 처음 그 자리에 (Instrumental)
11. Title 허밍 셔플
12. Forever
13. 운명 (Semi Slow Instrumental)
14. Love At The Gate (Instrumental)
15. Amazing Love (Instrumental)
16. Paradiso (Instrumental)
17. 운명 (Instrumental)

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