Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Episode 8 Review

Miyao ShuntaroOh say it isn’t so.

Well, not really and yes really. Kyohei’s character is finally maturing! For once he was actually the more mature of the four ikemen in the series. Rare indeed considering his temperament. It was nice for a change. It was also interesting to see a more immature side to Takenaga, but I admit to liking the mature, composted, intellectual side more.

Ranmaru’s fiance shows up to talk about the wedding plans. Ranmaru doesn’t believe in marrying for anything but love and won’t agree to this marriage. Besides, he says he can only love himself and nobody else and that it is a waste for him to belong to only one person because he is a beautiful boy. Real mature [not!], but this is the shallow Ranmaru we are talking about; however, there is a more serious glimpse of him towards the end of the episode, but I admit to total confusion as I am not sure the last girlfriend showing up was part of a plan or not.

Asami ReinaAlso in this episode, Kyohei reveals his past to Sunako. You learn about how the one person whom he trusted and loved the most ended up hurting him deeply. His mother had a nervous breakdown due to Kyohei’s unrelenting fan club, and told him she wished that he had never been born. That is one reason behind his surly attitude and his distancing himself from everyone and everything. Since Sunako was able to step forward and go to her class reunion, Kyohei decides to face his demons and go home. He manages to apologize to his mother and father and they decide to try to mend their relationship bit by bit.

Oh, but nothing is ever that simple, ne?

Kamenashi KazuyaI do wish they had gone into Ranmaru’s storyline a little more than they did (his past trauma that makes him say he can only love himself was very brief and told by the cafe owner), but oh well. The series really only scratches the surface of those who are not Sunako and Kyohei which is a little disappointing as you begin to care about the other characters more and more, but episode 9 previews look like they’ll continue with Ranmaru’s fiance problems. I do hope he can try to settle down a little bit and open himself up to love once more.


  • Punch drunk love. Nothing like having a drinking pity party about love. The guys get together and drink away their sorrows (Takenaga and Ranmaru and the cafe owner, because Yukinojo and Kyohei are basically okay in that department for right now). Noi and Ranmaru’s fiance commiserate together in Sunako’s room with Sunako denying any connection to love (we all know she loves Kyohei). Drunkenness in dramas is always funny, especially when Noi and Takenaga start imitating each otherOsugi Ren, Uchi Hiroki, Miyao Shuntaro, Tegoshi Yuya, Kamenashi Kazuya
  • Ranmaru, in order to get rid of his fiance, tries imitating his housemates (to the extreme) its chuckalicious

Oh No! Moments:

  • Ranmaru gets serious, for once, however one of his many girlfriends butts in as he finally shares a “good” moment with his fiance
  • Kyohei’s mom takes another walk down crazy lane. You feel so bad for Kyohei. I just wanted to hold him and tell him that someone was glad he was born. Well, we all know Sunako and his 3 friends are happy that he exists in spite of his looks, but just as he was making some great progress, this happens.

What is awaiting us in episode 9? It looks like Sunako might be leaving the house and does her aunt finally land a new “love” and a father for the adorable little boy? We shall see.

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