Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Episodes 6-7 Review

So, I didn’t see that coming, but I am glad that it happened. Yukinojo’s girlfriend came back into the picture. I was all ready for a knock-down dragout fight between Yukinojo and Kyohei over Sunako, but I am glad it didn’t happen. Although, I will admit to feeling a little disappointed that it didn’t. Those darn scenes from the end of episode 5 were intentionally misleading, but it kept me tuned in waiting to see what happened next, which, I suppose, was their purpose. Accursed scene cutting and splicing always gives an illusion opposite of what is actually happening.

Highlight of episode 6: 4 boys fighting in a giant bathtub – seriously. Nothing says male-bonding like beating the crap out of each other for fun…did I mention it was in a bathtub?


Oh No! Moment: Kyohei takes scissors to his hair. Really, Kamenashi just looks better with longer hair and I was sad to see his locks cut, even though the symbolism (his feelings of friendship towards Takenaga) was really great.

The boys of this drama are facing their problems and are beginning to mature. Sunako is slowly and more progressively coming out of her shell. Kyohei keeps taking baby steps towards admitting his feelings for her. It will be nice when Sunako is finally able to look at him without headbutting him, maybe by the end of the drama (set to finish up sometime this month. I am sad to see it go).

Oomasa AyaEpisode 7 sees Sunako going to her class reunion to face her ex-best friend and the guy who called her ugly. I love how Kyohei is against Sunako dressing up in a nice outfit because it’s not the real her. Now if only Yukinojo could understand. He wants to help Sunako, but he enables her more than anything while Kyohei pushes her forward (through her, he is learning to be brave and face his past as well) which is better for her than leaving things be.

Skull BraceletHighlight of episode 7: the skull bracelet (Yay! Kyohei buys Sunako a present that shows just how much he likes her for who she is. It later becomes a lifeline for Sunako during the reunion)

Oh No! Moment: The Carrie re-enactment, except without the crazy killing.

What waits for us in episode 8? And will the fourth bishi, Ranmaru ever get better? Will he get his own episode like Takenaga and Yukinojo? Who knows, but I would like his character expanded. They only just scratch under his surface. There has to be more to him than womanizing older women, doesn’t there?

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