Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Episodes 1-5

Perfect Girl Evolution posterヤマトナデシコ七変化

Romanized title: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
English title: Perfect Girl Evolution / Wallflower
Broadcast station: TBS
Broadcast dates: 15 January – 19 March 2010
Episodes: 10
Cast: Kamenashi Kazuya, Uchi Hiroki, Tegoshi Yuya, Miyao Shuntaro, Oomasa Aya, Kato Seishiro
Based on the manga Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge [The Wallflower] by Hayakawa Tomoko serialized in Bestassu Friend in Japan.
Theme song: “Love Yourself ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki” by KAT-TUN
Synposis: Four good looking young men are tasked with turning their landlord’s niece from a horror loving girl into the perfect Japanese woman in order to have their rent waived.


I am currently watching and currently in love with this drama. I am surprisingly pleased by just how much I like the drama as of right now. This is mainly because I am on the fence when it comes to Kamenashi Kazuya‘s dramas. I liked Nobuta wo Produce and Gokusen 2, but I couldn’t get into Kami no Shizuku and am borderline about 1 Pound no Fukuin. Plus, and this is just my opinion, Kamenashi seems to be a better singer/host than an actor at times, though I do love his performance in this drama.

Basically, this drama is very loosely based on the manga Wallflower or Perfect Girl Evolution. In the manga, the main cast of characters are high school students, but they made them college students for the drama. The basis of the plot remains unchanged – 4 pretty boys are given the task of changing their landlady’s niece into a respectable young women instead of the scary “wallflower” she is now. The manga got a little redundant for me, so I left off without ever finishing it. 5 episodes into this drama and it doesn’t feel redundant or boring and it keeps me entertained.

Kamenashi KazuyaKamenashi stars as Takano Kyohei a university student known and desired for his pretty face. Due to this, and as to date some unknown issues from his past, he has a very bad temper and is considered by those who know him to be violent and not quite “human.” (The bar/cafe owner in the 5th episode actually said he rated as less than human.) He is obsessed with food and his bad temper gets even worse when he is hungry.

Which, I guess you could say follows the manga pretty accurately. Kyohei would do anything for food and was willing to help turn his landlady’s niece into a perfect Japanese lady if it meant he could live their rent free. As he is the main male actor of the drama, he is the one most likely to score the girl. It’s pretty clear from the manga that he and Sunako are perfect for each other and as this drama progresses, you can see his character falling for Sunako’s oddness a little more each time.

Uchi HirokiOne of my favorite characters from the drama is Oda Takenaga as played by Uchi Hiroki, former NEWS and Kanjani 8 member. He was suspended from both groups due to underage drinking. He was released from suspension in 2009 where he began solo activities, which I am definitely glad that he did. I love his character of Takenaga who is the serious, mature boy of the house. He is always calm and thinking things over rationally, definitely a big counterpart to all the other males in the house. He has a classmate that he likes, but so far nothing really has happened with them in the drama (mainly because it focuses more heavily on the relationship between Sunako and Kyohei. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of Uchi in the future.

Tegoshi YuyaAt first I did not like the character of Toyama Yukinojo. He seemed way too much like a cutesy boy with no substance. The “baby” has grown on me. I now find him adorable, especially after the Valentine’s episode where he has seemed to grow more substance. Toyama is played by NEWS member Tegoshi Yuya, who seems pretty innocent in all the variety shows I’ve seen him in. I think he does a good job at playing this role and I am starting to root for his character (though if you know the plot line of the manga well, you know there is no chance for him and Sunako).

I don’t remember the character from the manga being as insecure and babyish as the Yukinojo from the drama, but it has been quite awhile since I actually read the manga in any way, shape or form.

The fourth guy is the ultimate playboy. I could care less about his character. That might change come later episodes, but it holds true for right now.

Oomasa AyaI liked Oomasa Aya from Mei-Chan no Shitsuji (Mei-Chan’s Butler). The character of Sunako is a complete 180 from the character she played in Mei-chan who was basically already a near perfect example of a lady. However, Oomasa does a great job in portraying Sunako who has withdrawn into the world of horror after the boy she liked called her ugly.

It is truly amusing to watch Sunako interacting with these “bright” creatures – the opposite of everything she likes and the opposite of what she believes herself to be. I love it when Kyohei calls her “ugly” just to wake her up and make her go crazy so she can either come to her senses or bust out some moves to save the day. I think Oomasa does a great job in portraying Sunako because the audience can feel for her and I love watching her character grow and mature.

Kato SeishiroDespite the bishis and Sunako, one of the brightest gems of this drama is Kato Seishiro as Nakahara Takeru. Takeru is Sunako’s cousin and he is currently acting as the “landlord” while his mother jets around the world in search of a new love after the loss of his father. Kato’s acting is superb for one as young as he is. He can play the role of a very mature (sometimes more so than 3 of the men living in the house) young boy very well and when it’s time for Takeru’s character to act more like a child, he displays this well, too.

Such a cute and adorable kid helps to make the show even better.

After watching the first 5 episodes, I can’t wait for episode 6, but it hasn’t been translated as of yet. The end of the Valentine’s episode left a cliff hanger (to which we can assume what happens next, but I want to SEE it!) and I really want to see how Yukinojo’s character is going to develop with the whole Kyohei-Sunako relationship. Is Yukinojo’s girlfriend back? Is he going to give up on the beginnings of feelings toward Sunako?

This drama definitely keeps me wanting more. Sigh.

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