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The Forgotten #15 – X-5


X-5 [X-Five, Xenos 5] was a 5 member kpop group that officially debuted in 2011. Alas, they were only active for one year before misfortune hit. They belonged to Open World Entertainment which you may have heard the CEO of got arrested for some pretty bad crimes. After his arrest, their contract ended and their leader Ghun enlisted in the

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Song of the Week – 26 May 2014

Fly to he Sky

Fly to the Sky are back and better than ever. Brian’s sweet voice mixed with Hwanhee’s husky voice just makes for the perfect combination. Thus, NeeNee’s Song of the Week is their comeback song 너를 너를 너를 [Neoreul Neoreul Noreul; You You You]. The song is a gorgeous ballad about finding the one and losing the one and all that

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