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Song of the Week – 14 April 2014

Daebak. I admit that I have not heard of lips-bite [입술을깨물다] a band from South Korea that officially came together as a band in 2010 and released their first album in 2011 before. So how did I discover this? I was on SoundCloud listening to The Alphards’ 4 song demo again and after the songs…

Standing egg

Album of the Month – Standing Egg’s Ambler

Happy April! I have no fun April Fools prank to top DramaFever’s announcement that subtitles are going buh bye in favor of emoji…which took me awhile to wrap my head around since emoji isn’t a term I use often enough…but the picture was pretty self explanatory. While that would be interesting and you’d get the…


Song of the Week – 31 March 2014

The end of March is here. That means there will soon be a post for March music recommendations. I think that will be rather short, actually. I haven’t been discovering too much this month I guess. Maybe I’ve been too busy to really do my music scouring. Who knows?

Jung Joon Young

The Forgotten #3: Jung Joon Young

It’s Wednesday, so that means another post in NeeNee’s “The Forgotten” series. I really like doing this series. I’m not sure if anyone actually reads these posts or understands just why I do them, but it’s unlikely (for the time being) that I’ll stop them until I run out of rediscoveries of albums and artists.…

The Alphards

New Discovery – The Alphards

Thanks to 에덴홀 I am finding lots of great and new music to listen to and fall in love with. I found the awesome band Activity and this time it is garage band The Alphards (알파즈). I am not much of a social person…or a club/bar person, but I really think it would be cool…

B.A.P - 1004(Angel) M_V_3533

B.A.P “1004 (Angel)” Gifs

I am going to be posting these regularly. Some are gifs that I hand made and took TONS of time to make and others are ones using an automation program that puts them together for me which isn’t as time consuming. B.A.P’s “1004 (Angel)” had some great moments for gifs. Feel free to use…but give…

Go! Dandy Boys, Shin Cho-i

The Forgotten #1: Shin Cho-i with Go! Dandy Boys

So…I’ve decided to do these posts. What does it mean? Just what it says. The forgotten. In this case I can embarrassedly admit to completely forgetting I have ever purchased an album. Then when iTunes or my iPod’s random shuffle feature hits on a certain song, I’m looking to see immediately just who the artist…