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Angel’s Revenge Episode 62 Recap

I almost didn’t have the heart to do this. There is a lot of crazy happening right now. We have the still missing Malaysian jet and now this South Korean ferry accident where nearly 300 passengers are missing and unaccounted for, many of them high school students. It’s very tragic and sad. What a world…

Yoon So Yi, Kwon Yool

Angel’s Revenge Episode 61 Recap

Ji Seok isn’t as stupid as people think, but sometimes you have to wonder. He has always been the more affectionate in his relationship with Seon Yu and now she’s being all lovey dovey and caring. He gets kind of suspicious, but he just thinks she’s got a surprise for him now that she has…

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Angel’s Revenge Episode 60 Recap

Mrs. Gong and Ji Seok aren’t on the same page, but looks like Seon Yu might honestly give up on Ji Seok as per granny’s orders out of guilt alone. I do have to say that I’m grateful Gi Jin is there to call her an idiot and make her face her true feelings for…

Choi Jae Won

Angel’s Revenge Episode 59 Recap

At long last (okay, not that long), we are getting some forward action in different respects. Tae Jeong and Ji Hui aren’t out of the game, but they also aren’t proactively doing anything any more. We all know that will change soon as Aran (and Tae Jeong’s ambition) just won’t leave Ji Seok alone in…

Yoon So Yi, Kwon Yool

Angel’s Revenge Episode 58 Recap

Seon Yu proves she’s no pushover so Mrs. Gong resorts to drastic measures while Tae Mi learns Gi Jin’s true identity and is heartbroken, will their love ever get off the ground? Meanwhile, Seon Yu just can’t resist Ji Seok. When will she realize she’s falling for him?

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Angel’s Revenge Episode 57 Recap

It will be nice when the action picks up a little more. Again, this is just mainly buildup to whatever is coming next. And Be promises it will be good. It was really nice seeing Tae Jeong’s and Ji Hui’s expressions when they found out about Seon Yu. I don’t know why I thought the…

Angel's Revenge 55

Angel’s Revenge Episode 55 Recap

I’m waiting for the pace to pick up a bit. Right now this is all a lead up and it’s a little laggy to me. Seon Yu has pretty much cast off her nun-ness now, but Ji Seok is working hard at being a saint. As angry as he is at Ji Hui as much…

Yoon So Yi, Kwon Yool

Angel’s Revenge Episode 54 Recap

I had to restrain laughter this morning, I really did. Don’t want to wake my grandparents up in the wee hours of the morning. What was so funny? Nothing really, just Tae Jeong’s scheme. I found it highly amusing. Does he really think that his grandmother-in-law will believe in his sincerity? Or his brother-in-law for…

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Angel’s Revenge Episode 53 recap

Tae Jeong leaves to plot nefarious things while Ji Seok prepares to go back to L Foods and take Seon Yu with him. Ji Hui and Aran play nice to win over Mrs. Gong and Ji Seok, but Ji Seok warns his sister that he’ll never see her again if she doesn’t change her ways.