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Twdrama: Mars Episode 1


If I remember correctly, my first manga that I really read were Fruits Basket and Mars. I was able to finish Fruits Basket, but have not actually had a chance to finish Mars. I really should finish it one day. Mars is a darker romance manga by Soryo Fuyumi which was serialized from 1996-2000 and has been collected into a

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Jmovie: Library Wars

Library Wars Japanese movie

My first job was at my local library. I even worked in the college library during my undergraduate years. My first passion and obsession was reading. So the title definitely caught my eye while perusing movies online. This movie is based on a light novel series by Arikawa Hiro with illustrations by Adabana Sukumo. Later the novel series became a

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Holy Pearl Episodes 6-7 Recap


I don’t dislike this drama. I enjoy it. That being said, there really is some campiness and cheesiness baked in. The fight scenes between demons or demons and humans makes me laugh at just how poorly executed they are and just how fake they are. Forget about wire work not being very believable at times, the blocked out fight scenes

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Good Morning, Shanghai Episodes 17-18


Gah! I’m currently in the middle of watching episode 19 and I’m steaming. That lowdown dirty rotten…lots of bad words. I hate her, I really do. Zhi Hao needs to kick this sorry excuse social climber to the curb. One, it’s not healthy that he’s with the wench because she resembles his mother, and two, she’s just a horrible excuse

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