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ST Episode 1 Recap


Not a bad start. In this episode I think I really miss the interactions between Aoyama and Yurine. Since Akagi has come out of seclusion for the most part, he’s taking over the relationship that Yurine and Aoyama had in the SP. It’s a little sad. Of course, Akagi’s and Aoyama’s personalities aren’t quite the same so it’s not the

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God’s Quiz Season 4 Episode 9

Ryu Duk Hwan

Only three more episodes left. Sad day. Only three more episodes left and we’re still not too close to unraveling the mystery Jae Joon got Kyung Hee involved in. Of course, slowly but surely we’re unburying things, but still it feels like we have a long way to go. Ah…and is Da Mi really who they are hinting at her

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Ruby Ring Episode 6 Recap

Ruby Ring Episode 6

So, when desperate times call for desperate measures, you call up the man whose heart you just shredded and promise to marry him if he comes with you to your abortion. Aish. Really? We do get scenes where it looks like the writers are trying to show that Runa is not completely evil, but when bad decisions always win over

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Ruby Ring Episode 5 recap

Ruby Ring

And things are starting to reach breaking point number 1. While Ruby and Gyeongmin’s relationship is finally back on track and Cho Rim and Gil Ja mend fences, Runa’s greed keeps her spiraling downhill faster and faster—especially when Insu does something to get in the way of her beloved career. Truthfully, given everything that’s happened in the first four episodes,

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God’s Quiz Season 4 Episode 8

God's Quiz Season 4

We’re approaching the end of the line! I think this is supposed to be 10 or 12 episodes if it follows the previous seasons. So that means we’re almost done. Sad. But at the same time, while the cases are important and all that jazz, it also feels like there’s less of a connection with the cases unlike with previous

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God’s Quiz Season 4 Episode 7

God's Quiz Season 4

The actual case part of this episode wasn’t as interesting. Not to say the overall message behind it wasn’t a good one, because it was. The problem was that the case wasn’t as integral as we are starting to delve more into the mystery surrounding Prosecutor Oppa Jae Joon. I’m thinking that he got involved in something pretty big and

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Ruby Ring Episode 4 Recap

Lee Hyeon Woo

I know I mentioned a birth secret in the episode 3 recap. It doesn’t show up until this episode, which also cements that Gyeongmin’s mother does not approve of Ruby or her background no matter how good a girl Ruby is. And Runa? She does what we all expect her to do. She throws tantrums and blames In Soo and

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Ruby Ring Episode 3 Recap

Ruby Ring E.03

I’ve now caught up to the original episodes I watched of this series a few weeks ago. I totally forgot about the whole birth secret. I mean, isn’t that just a bit unnecessary at this point given the overall plot of fraternal twins getting their identities switched thanks to confusion over who was who due a bad accident scarring their

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