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ST Episode 6 Recap

Okada Misaki

We have visited more in depth of most of the members so far save for our loveable over the top Cap and Yuki. We don’t delve too much into their characters or stories today, but the ending of this episode does leave room for Yuki’s story. Also, Yurine’s expression as she leaves…I wonder if we will get any of his

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Smile, Donghae Episode 76 Recap

Smile, Donghae

Kim Jun wakes up without amnesia? Go figure. I’m happy that he doesn’t, though, because that would have been really annoying. I do know that in some warped and twisted way Saewa does crave for a “perfect” family complete with a father since hers died when she was so young, but we know that when she’s pleading with Kim to

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ST Episode 5 Recap


We take small break from focusing on one specific team member in this episode. Although, we mainly see only Aoyama, Akagi and Yurine. Sure the rest of the team can be seen, but the main focus is on our main three as established in the SP. Yurine…he seems even more clueless in this episode. Sure, he’s a note-taking perfectionist who

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ST Episode 4 Recap


This episode’s focus was on our scientist cum priest Yamabuki. We aren’t really delving into the history of our team per se, but rather their present. Sure, we get some information about Yamabuki’s past, but not a whole lot. Really the focus is on the here and now and people who are currently in their lives. Still…I wonder if we’ll

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