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Love Forward Episode 10 Recap

Jing Jing finalizes her break up with Tian Ze, completely crushing him while Ai Xing does her best to comfort her two best friends. Meanwhile, Ren’s revenge scheme is in full swing.

Kuriyama Chiaki, Nakai Masahiro

ATARU Episode 1 Recap

A mysterious man with savant syndrome unexpectedly shows up at a crime scene. Referring to himself only as “Chocozai,” he aids wannabe investigator Ebina Maiko in cracking an explosive case.


Just for Fun: BTOB “Insane” Lyrics

Ah, one of the fun [and sometimes annoying] factors of Kpop is their obsession with using English in their songs. I will admit that since they do, it actually makes it easier for me to start to learn them, but some of my favorite songs are ballads which feature no random English which detracts from…

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

Pure Episodes 10-11 Recap

Toru is faced to come to a difficult decision that could cost him Yuka’s love or end his career. Meanwhile, Yuka promises Toru to keep creating art and almost works herself sick making broken wings. What will happen to this couple? Read on to find out the ending of this spectacular drama.

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Love Forward Episode 9 Recap

Jing Jing learns about her father’s company’s impending bankruptcy and decides to do whatever it takes to help save him and her family, even if it means dumping the man she loves to be with a man who has money.

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

Pure Episode 9 Recap

Poor Yuka keeps getting confused by the sudden change in character of the people surrounding her and when Fujiki deals her a harsh blow about her smile hurting, Yuka is horribly saddened. Enter Toru who has decided to open up to Yuka about his past.

Jiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun

Absolute Boyfriend Live Action Episode 2 Recap

Xiao Fei gets a rude awakening when Lei Wu Wu tells her she went over her free trial and now must pay NT$1,000,000 for Night. Plus, Zong Shi starts getting jealous of Night and Xiao Fei struggles to find part-time work on top of her regular job to get the money for Night.